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    Knowing When to Visit an Urgent Care Facility for Your Back Pain

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Back pain is the second leading cause of missed work days, right after the common cold. How do you know when your back pain is bad enough to seek medical treatment? Here are some signs that you need your back checked by a doctor. When you do need treatment for your back pain, choosing an urgent care facility will save you time and money. Seek medical help if any of these circumstances occur.

    Your Pain Is Intense

    In most cases, back pain is uncomfortable but not unbearable. If your pain is very intense, or if it gets worse when you lie down, you should see a doctor. You could have a back injury that needs immediate treatment to prevent further damage. This is especially true if your intense back pain started suddenly. An urgent care facility can perform on-site X-rays and testing to determine the cause of the pain.

    Home Treatment Isn’t Working

    You shouldn’t suffer with back pain for more than three days without seeing a doctor. Even if your pain is relatively mild, you shouldn’t treat it with home remedies for more than three days if there’s not any improvement. A doctor can get to the root of the problem and start the right treatment. A doctor may also be able to offer more effective pain medication.

    You Have Numbness or Tingling in the Legs

    Whenever your back pain triggers symptoms in another part of your body, it is time to seek medical care. Numbness and tingling in your legs are often a sign of a problem in your spine, such as a slipped disc that is pressing against a nerve. This type of back pain won’t go away on its own, and delayed treatment can exacerbate the situation.

    Don’t wait around for back pain relief. Walk into MedRite Urgent Care without an appointment and get treatment for your back pain right away. With our on-site X-ray facility and lab, we can offer immediate medical care for most injuries and illnesses. Visit our NYC urgent care clinic or call us at (866) 924-7831 for more information.

    Busting Myths About STDs and Getting Tested

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you’re sexually active, getting tested for STDs is a smart investment in your overall health. Many people avoid STD testing because they don’t understand their risks of contracting an infection and because they think testing will be embarrassing or painful. At MedRite Urgent Care, we offer fast, confidential testing, and if needed, can start treatment on the spot. Get the real facts about STDs and testing, and start protecting your sexual health today.

    Myth: All STDs Have Symptoms

    Some STDs have obvious symptoms, but not all. You could have an STD without having any indication that something is wrong. The same thing goes for your partner. Don’t expect to look at someone and know whether or not they have an STD. Your partner could have an STD and pass it on to you without either of you realizing it. Untreated STDs can compromise your fertility and your general health. Testing is the only way to know for sure that you are STD-free.

    Myth: Condoms Protect Against All STDs

    Condoms offer great protection against unwanted pregnancy and many STDs, but they aren’t foolproof. Condoms aren’t effective at preventing the spread of all STDs. Furthermore, condoms can fail, leaving you exposed. Although you should use a condom every time you’re sexually active, you shouldn’t assume that you can lower your risk of contracting an STD to zero by doing so.

    Myth: STD Testing Is Embarrassing

    STD testing is an easy process. No one is judging you when you go for a test. You will be asked a few questions about your sexual history to determine which kinds of tests are right for you. Then, a simple cheek swab, urine test, or blood test is all that is needed.

    MedRite Urgent Care offers on-site STD testing with results delivered in minutes. You don’t need an appointment at our NYC urgent care clinic, so stop by for confidential testing today. You can find out more about the immediate medical services offered at our NYC location by calling (866) 924-7831. 

    Common Mistakes in First Aid Treatment for Burns

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you get a burn, the steps you take immediately afterward will determine how successfully the wound will heal. Many people make mistakes when self-treating a burn that can cause additional pain, infections, and scarring. When you don’t treat a burn properly, it could lead to permanent damage.

    This video busts some common myths about burn treatments and shows the right steps to take instead. Never use ice to soothe the pain of a burn. Ice can cause frostbite, which can be equally damaging and painful. Instead, use cool compresses. Never use cotton gauze on a burn, as this will stick and cause pain when removed. Opt for non-stick gauze instead.

    The best way to treat a burn is to seek immediate medical care. MedRite Urgent Care in NYC can treat the pain and help prevent infection. Find out more about our walk-in clinic by calling (866) 924-7831.

    Use This App for Medical Information On-The-Go

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Millions of Americans in need of reliable medical information use Now WebMD for Android allows users to retrieve the same data while on the go.

    WebMD for Android is a comprehensive application that gives users the same instant access to vital health information as when they visit the online site. With WebMD for Android, individuals can look up various symptoms and determine if those signs require immediate care. It also offers potentially life-saving information regarding medications and their usage. Users can also take advantage of WebMD for Android’s first aid guidelines should an emergency occur in the office, at school, or anywhere else an Android can go.

    When you need immediate care, MedRite Urgent Care is there for you. Call (866) 924-7831 to learn more about the services our NYC walk-in clinic provides.

    How to Keep Your Child from Getting Sick When Returning to School

    Last updated 1 year ago

    A new school year doesn’t just bring new friends and a new teacher. It also brings millions of new germs that kids pass back and forth all day in their classrooms. Schools can be breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria that cause colds, flu, strep, stomach bugs, and more. The good news is that there are steps you can take to keep your little one healthy after the first bell rings.

    A healthy school year has its foundation in good preventative care. Schedule a physical for your child before classes begin. Make sure he or she is up to date on all of the necessary immunizations. Talk to your child about good hygiene habits, like hand washing. Encourage your child to keep his hands away from his face, as germs are often introduced through the nose and mouth this way.

    At MedRite Urgent Care, we can help you get your child ready for a healthy year with our pediatric physicals and immunizations. We’re also open for immediate medical care if your child does come down with a bug. Discover fast, comprehensive, and affordable treatment at our NYC urgent care clinic. Learn more by calling (866) 924-7831.

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